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Building Design Partnership – Winner of the Contest to Select General Designer for the All-Ukrainian Center to Protect Mothers’ and Children’s Health

BDP’s key disciplines are architecture, civil, structural and building services engineering; other professions include town planning and urbanism, transport, landscape architecture, interior, product and graphic design, lighting design and acoustics.

The company was founded in 1961 by Professor Sir George Grenfell Baines.

BDP works in many sectors: healthcare, education, housing, arts and leisure, restoration and conservation, retail, urbanism, transport and infrastructure, innovative technologies, industry, research, offices, public safety, police and court buildings, and public buildings.

BDP is Great Britain’s and Ireland’s biggest architectural company. BDP designs about 2% of all the new, non residential building in the UK each year. There are around 1000 staff members in the company. Its annual fee income is over £68m.

Building Design Partnership is registered at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) . At least 80% of all company’s architects are certified RIBA members.

BDP associates with Paris- and Grenoble-based Groupe6 Company (France). This association is called BDP International. The company implements its projects in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Lebanon, Australia, and Singapore, involving local partners if necessary.

The bid (code Ð21970) was submitted by Bdpgroupe6, a group owned by BDP and Groupe6. For the All-Ukrainian Center to Protect Mothers’ and Children’s Health, BDP proposes to serve as chief consultant, involving Groupe6 as a sub-consultant, thus creating a joint group to implement the task. Another consultant will be EC Harris Company, which will help in designing healthcare objects and selecting medical equipment, as well as give consultations on budget.

Building Design Partnership proposes to assign another sub-consultant, a Ukrainian company, which would help to adjust the project to the State Construction Regulations of Ukraine. It is envisaged that this consultant will be selected jointly by BDP and the Children’s Hospital of the Future Charitable Fund.

The contest-winning proposal had been designed by a group of specialists designed by Britain-based architect Neil Cadenhead.

Neil Cadenhead is Architect Director for international architecture, interior design, engineering, and planning. He has taken part in designing and consulting over 50 projects, most of them being related to healthcare, in Great Briitain, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, and Jamaica. Besides, Mr. Cadenhead is Project Director for the commission to reconstruct the leading hospital in Georgia - Tbilisi Republican National Hospital, presently at the design stage.

Young French architect Antoine Buisseret is a partner architect of the project. He had worked on over 10 medical projects, including the Clermont-Ferrand Hospital with bed capacity 600, which combines a Mothers’ and Children’s Hospital for 300 beds (including an obstetric unit, ICU, and Hematology) and adults therapy and surgery (including a surgical unit with 24 surgeries, ICU, etc.).

General Concept and Design Statement [259 KB, .pdf]
Project Presentation (in English) [16443 KB, .pps]

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