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All-Ukrainian Center to Protect Mothers’ and Children’s Health

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The All-Ukrainian Center to Protect Mothers’ and Children’s Health will be a multiprofile children’s treatment and prevention facility, Level 4. It will provide skilled outpatient and hospital diagnostics and treatment for children from all Ukraine’s regions on the basis of the best knowledge and experience.

The design worked out by BDP is unique in Europe. It is subject of lively discussion in architectural circles and at architectural conferences. The project was celebrated at European and global architectural competitions.

The hospital is designed for children, so it has to be simple and easy-access. The joy of the childhood adults often lose is a joy of play and fantasy. The project authors set themselves a task: to make the house look like a magic world as our children picture it to themselves.

The project takes into consideration not only requirements necessary for a medical facility, but the peculiar landscape. The hospital will stand in a beautiful glade, with its building erected among the trees, in perfect harmony with the shapes and colors of the forest.

The clinic will be Ukrainian in its architecture and trimming. The designers elected not to use certain materials (aluminum, glossy veneer, etc.) and traditional rectangular shapes which would make the building a typical “international” project. Instead, they studied the peculiar features of Ukrainian architecture and traditional materials, so that the hospital fit in the national culture and local landscape. For instance, there will be lots of wood, aged copper, iconography, other traditional elements and materials in the hospital’s trimming. At that, they will be combined harmoniously with modern architectural technologies.

The Center’s design meets all modern requirements (like the best clinics abroad), as well as sanitary, fire code, and power-saving standards. Since the clinics is to become a center of innovation in Ukraine, the hospital includes premises to carry out new clinical programs.

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