Ukrainian doctors attended a traineeship in the United States

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From September 14 to September 25 2011 Ukrainian doctors attended a traineeship in the United States. The subject of the traineeship was “Telemedicine” and it took place in the framework of the Open World program under the support of the Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation.

The participants were Oleksandr Sidorov, Chief of the Department for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy for Newborns at the Crimean Children’s Clinical Hospital, and Nataliya Sinchuk, Curator of the Department of the Early Childhood at the Vinnytsya Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. They visited Washington, studied the Summa Health System (state of Ohio), visited the Akron and Columbus Children’s Hospitals and the Center for Simulation and Integrated Healthcare Education of the Austen BioInnovation Institute, took part in video-conferencing with Eastern Tennessee and in a number of other professional events.

“This has been a highly interesting trip and it has opened various possibilities of using telemedicine , – says Oleksandr Sydorov. – Americans use telemedicine for video-conferencing. That is something that we need to work on”

Our doctors attended a lot of interesting and useful meetings and explored the advanced experience. “The approach to the organization of continuing education at hospitals for doctors, and nurses and the systematic approach to the organization of any work on the whole was really impressive. It should be our priority to learn to work the same way!”, emphasized Oleksandr Sydorov.

Ukrainian experts returned home with quite a few thoughts and ideas, that they intend to put into life at their hospitals.

The Open World Program was founded by the US Congress in 1999 and Ukraine was included in 2003. The program aims to enhance understanding and capabilities for cooperation between Ukraine and the US by enabling Ukrainian leaders in different branches to meet their American professional colleagues and exchange their experience on the issues significant for both sides.

The program focuses on Ukrainian leaders – representatives of all levels of government, academic circles, NGOs and business sector. The program targets delegates who, despite their relatively young age, have already demonstrated their professional and leadership qualities and are interested in gaining exposure to American experience and in post-visit personal and professional contacts with American colleagues.

The traineeships of Ukrainian medical workers abroad is one of the chief activities of the Ukraine 3000 Foundation. The programs From Hospital to Hospital and Children’s Hospital of the Future have enabled over 80 Ukrainian  medical workers to attend traineeships at the best world’s clinics. 

The Hospital to Hospital program is also Ukraine’s partner in the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations (WFUMA) that actively partakes in the development of telemedicine in our country.

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