The “Children’s Hospital of the Future” announces the winners of its Bid Competition to Purchase Medical Equipment

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On November 2012 the final sitting of the  Committee of the Bid Competition to Purchase  High Technology Medical Equipment by the “Children’s Hospital of the Future” CF took place. Members of the Committee and representatives of competing companies attended the sitting.
According to the agenda, the winners of the competition were announced. The equipment will be installed in the Institute for Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ukraine.

After reviewing the bids the Committee announced that the competition had taken place. The following companies were chosen as equipment suppliers:

  • MED EKSIM Ltd. – to supply a rigid esophagoscope and a fiberotic bronchoscope;
  • MED STANDART Ltd. – to supply an obstetric chair( bed) and an electric operating table;
  • Medgarant Ltd. – to supply a100 Watt surgical laser;
  • EKOMED MUNICH HOUSE – to supply the operating lighter.
  • Profimed-Service Ltd. – to supply an anesthesia apparatus, a lung ventilator and patients monitors.

The contracts for equipment supplies will be signed in the nearest future.

The competition bid was part of the Foundation’s program to support the state in the creation of All-Ukrainian Center for Healthcare of Mother and Child.  The competition bid was announced on October 25, the bids were opened on November 14, 2012.

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