Kateryna Yushchenko passed the equipment for over 92 000 UAH to the Lviv City Children’s Community Hospital

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On March 15, 2013, the Head of the Supervisory Board of the ICF “Ukraine 3000” Mrs. Kateryna Yutschenko accompanied by the foundation’s representatives visited the Lviv City Children’s Community Hospital.

These days the hospital celebrates its 20th anniversary. To mark the anniversary the Chief Physician Dmytro Kvit and his colleagues invited everyone who benefited the hospital over all these years. Lviv’s Mayor Anriy Sadovyi, Head of the Healthcare Department of the City Council Volodymyr Zub took part in the events along with other officials, businessmen, philanthropists from Ukraine and abroad and the Hospital’s Board members.

Since 2006 the Lviv City Children’s Community Hospital is a member of the “Hospital to Hospital” program of the ICF “Ukraine 3000”. The partnership with the Lviv hospital is one of the most successful. The Board of Trustees serves at the hospital and the competencies and skills of the doctors working here improve constantly thanks to the cooperation with foreign hospitals.

“The Lviv hospital is one of the best among the hospitals we have been working with in the recent years. Truly dedicated professionals work here. We have been helping you for many years now and we are happy to see how efficiently you make use of our help. We hope to continue our cooperation in the coming years and for a long time”, said Kateryna Yushchenko addressing the audience.

Mrs. Yushchenko also donated an ultrasound device to the hospital, a donation taking place as part of the “From Hospital to Hospital” program by the ICF “Ukraine 3000” and the “Children’s Hospital of the Future” Charitable Fund. The cost of the device is UAH 92 680. Since the start of the program the ICF “Ukraine 3000” and its partners have provided the UAH 910 000 worth of equipment to the Lviv’s hospital. So now the total value of aid to the hospital amounts to over a million Ukrainian hryvnias.

The effective cooperation of the ICF “Ukraine 3000” and the Lviv City Children’s Community Hospital was highly estimated by the Lviv City Council. The Mayor Anriy Sadovyi awarded Mrs. Yushchenko with a special award – the Order of St. Yuriy while the ICF “Ukraine 3000” received a diploma.

With its bed capacity of 420 the Lviv City Children’s Community Hospital provides a range of highly specialized medical services to the patients from 0 to 18 years of age from the Lviv city and the region. 8 pediatric departments, 6 surgical departments and 2 rehabilitation departments with beds for newborn infants and children operate here. In addition there are an operation unit with 8 rooms, hyperbaric oxygenation, rehabilitation, functional diagnostic and X-ray departments, the hospital’s reception and a diagnostic laboratory. The hospital’s clinic treats up to 240 patients per day. 1005 people work here including 170 doctors and 390 nurses.

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