“Children’s Hospital of the Future” Foundation receives recognition as the most economical big charity in Ukraine

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The “Children’s Hospital of the Future” Foundation has the lowest administrative costs among charities with more than UAH 10 Million income, finds the National Rating of Charities 2012.  In that year, only 5 percent of the fund’s budget was allocated to administrative expenditures.

The ranking is a joint initiative of the “Socially Responsible Society” Civil Organization and the Ukrainian Forum of Philanthropists in partnership with the magazine “Hallmaker”. 59 organizations, companies and physical persons competed in the ranking. The poll was carried out in April 2013.

 “Children’s Hospital of the Future” competed in the category “Charitable Foundations” under the sub-category charities with a budget of over 10 Million UAH.  5 other charities competed in this category: the “Development of Ukraine” Foundation, the “Children’s Hospital of Ukraine” CF, the Foundation of Boris Kolesnikov, the CO “Welfare of the Communities” and International Charitable Foundation “Caritas Ukraine”.

The “Children’s Hospital of the Future” Foundation scored second after the “Development of Ukraine” Foundation in the volume of the funds allocated for charity.

In the name of the charity, the foundation’s press-secretary Kateryna Zorkina received the “National Ranking of Charities 2012” participant’s certificate.

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