Health Minister of Ukraine: The government will seek to complete the construction of the All-Ukrainian Healthcare Center for Mother and Child

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The Ukrainian healthcare infrastructure will profit from substantial foreign investments, in case the government implements the necessary decisions. The Health Minister of Ukraine Oleg Musiy made this statement during the briefing titled “Ukrainian healthcare system – the launch of the renewal” on March 20.

“The Ministry of Health is in no way committed to the construction of the Ohmatdyt hospital’s new building”, said Oleg Musiy answering the question about ongoing construction works. “The completion of works depends on the budget allocation decisions, whether funds up to 20 - 30% will be provided for the works”, the Minister said. “If Ohmatdyt receives the budget funding, then the construction will be completed; if it doesn’t, then it won’t”, he added. 

However, the Minister envisages other ways to tackle the problem. “The World Bank, WHO, USAID and other international structures have all showed their desire to provide investments into Ukraine’s healthcare system ”, Mr. Musiy said. “This would give us an opportunity to complete the construction of the All-Ukrainian Healthcare Center for Mother and Child. I firmly believe that after Ukraine became a civilized country, its government will make the necessary decisions for which I will certainly advocate. After it is done, Ukraine’s infrastructure including the healthcare sector will benefit from substantial foreign investments. The initial negotiations with the foreign partners made me optimistic. The completion of existing long-running construction projects will definitely be funded, if not by the government, then by the foreign investors”, said the Minister.

The Children’s Hospital of the Future Foundation also looks for foreign investments to complete the construction of the healthcare center. In November 2013, the Foundation met with the experts of the USAID Public Private Partnership Development Program, P3DP to discuss the establishment of PPPs in Ukraine.

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