Ukraine 3000 and Childrens Hospital of the Future mourn the death of Bohdan Malaniak, honorary vice-president of Cedars-Sinai

18.07.2013, 18:42

“Ukraine 3000” and Children’s Hospital of the Future foundations mourn the death of Bohdan Malaniak, honorary vice-president of Cedars-Sinai, who passed away at the age of 83. To his old age, he preserved the energy and strength in his care for his homeland, Ukraine.

Bohdan Zenowij Malaniak was born in 1930 in Ukraine. In the last year of World War II, Bohdan and his family fled the Soviet occupation and took residence in the USA in 1948. He served in the US army and made a brilliant military career. After the end of his military service, he received a degree in business administration. He spent many years at Cedars -Sinai Medical Center as Associate Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs. Upon retirement, Bohdan Malaniak continued to consult his pupils and colleagues on health care issues.

Additionally, Bohdan Malaniak served on the Board of Directors, as president and member of the advisory board of the California Association to Aid Ukraine. He was the one to put into life the collaboration of Cedars-Sinai Center with Ukraine, supporting the implementation of numerous projects for medical professionals and equipment transfer. Among his accomplishments is the launch of a scholarship program, a program on international cooperation between scientists and medical professionals from the USA and Ukraine, as well as the “Wheels for Ukraine” program.

It was due to the efforts of Bohdan Malaniak, his energy and enthusiasm that the International Healthcare Fellowship Program in partnership with Cedars-Sinai, Ukraine 3000, Children’s Hospital of the Future and the CAAU, came into being. Over 20 medical professionals from our country received training at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Bohdan Zenowij Malaniak will live in our hearts as a courageous and energetic person, sincere, generous and full of love for those around him. For him the greatest happiness of all was to help the people. He was a remarkably optimistic person who saw the beauty in life.

Memory eternal! Rest in peace!

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