European Day of Foundations and Donors on October 1

01.10.2013, 13:36

On October 1, Europe marks the European Day of Foundations and Donors for the first time. This day was inaugurated by DAFNE (Donors and Foundations Network in Europe), a network connecting 22 European donor and foundation associations, adding up to a total membership of over 6,000 European foundations.

The European Day of Foundations and Donors is a day to raise awareness of public benefit foundations. On this day, they run events and activities in many European countries and invite the public to learn more about their work. Over 200 foundations are involved in the activities, including workshops, panel discussions, concerts and open house events.

On this occasion, Children’s Hospital of the Future thanks all our friends and partners. Together we benefited Ukrainian healthcare services with modern equipment and provided Ukrainian physicians with an opportunity to increase their professional expertise. We will keep on improving healthcare services for mother and child.

Congratulations to all our colleagues. We wish you and your loved ones happiness, health and prosperity. Together we can make the society better.

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