Lviv NOVO Medical Center to be opened by Childrens Hospital of the Future

15.10.2014, 06:42

On November 6, 2014, the new medical center NOVO will be opened at the Lviv City Municipal Children’s Hospital. Equipped with the cutting-edge medical technologies, the center is a true gift to the community in the west of Ukraine.

The state-of-the-art technologies installed here include the Optima MR450w GE Healthcare MRI system, Toshiba Aquilion PRIME 4D CT scanner, two 4D ultrasound machines and a portable ultrasound device. The new equipment will ensure quality patient care and patient safety, center’s experts say. With no more need to travel to hospitals in Kiev or Polish Krakow, patients throughout the region will receive comprehensive diagnostic services at NOVO center directly in Lviv.

The center was founded by the “Children’s Hospital of the Future”. In 2013, the foundation in conjunction with “Ukraine 3000” launched a pilot project to introduce best clinical and medical technology practices at one of the Ukrainian children’s hospital. Based on best match for the project’s needs, the Lviv City Municipal Children’s Hospital won the competition. The new medical diagnostic center was created with the support of the Lviv City Council. The full name of the new center reads “NOVO Center for Medical Innovations”. NOVO is a non-profit non-governmental organization, the first medical institution in Ukraine of its kind. The collaboration between the Center and the Lviv City Children’s Hospital will be based on public-private-partnership. Next, the center will be equipped with the newest mammography, densitometer and other imaging technologies to provide a wider range of diagnostic services for better patient management.

Prior to the opening, the Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi visited the Center. “An accurate diagnosis is the most vital precondition to successful treatment of kids”, he said and assured that the center will soon receive the full range of the world’s best diagnostic technologies. Mr. Sadovyi conveyed his gratitude to the former First Lady of Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Ukraine 3000”, Kateryna Yushchenko, noting her special role in the creation of the center. “It was under her guidance that the Center got the excellent MRI scanner. Mrs. Yushchenko truly loves children and proves her devotion and commitment to help them by most effective work”, he said. Lviv’s mayor stressed the importance of healthcare reforms in Ukraine. “We need to create adequate health insurance system in our country for everybody regardless of income to be able to afford the treatment they need”, he said. With its cutting-edge equipment and top-notch team of physicians, Lviv’s new center will soon become the best hospital in Ukraine and meet the world standards of quality healthcare services. “We will do everything in our power to achieve this goal”, he concluded.    

Dmytro Kvit, Chief Physician of the Lviv Municipal Children’s Hospital, shares in the mayor’s confidence. “Until now, having no equipment we were forced to diagnose our young patients at the clinics elsewhere. These excellent medical technologies will allow us to save time and significantly improve patient care in our region. No need to travel abroad anymore, most advanced diagnostic technologies are available right here in Lviv”, he noted.

Olexandr Maksymchuk, President of the Association of Charities of Ukraine, spoke of the plans to realize numerous charity care programs at the center. “First of all, we will help the sick children of those who lost their lives during the Revolution of Dignity and the fighting in the east of Ukraine. We will take care of them for free”, he stressed. 

Center’s Director Nataliya Klymovych explained the advantages of the new imaging equipment. She underscored such benefits as the exposure to a lower dose of radiation, extreme flexibility of the devices and, most importantly, the ability to capture very detailed images that will lead to a the most exact diagnosis. “We plan to open a number of specialized medical rooms”, she said.

Source: Lviv City Council

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